Business Advisory

At Fresh Accounting, we strive to build elegant, efficient and easy ways to operate your business through cloud-based accounting systems.  Once we have an idea of what your needs are, we will jump in with our sleeves rolled up ready to take your business to the next level!

Exit Planning

A business exit strategy is an entrepreneur’s strategic plan to sell their company. It gives an entrepreneur a way to reduce or liquidate their stake in a business and make a substantial profit. Ideally, exit strategies are developed before starting the business. Why? It is because exit strategies are necessary to secure an entrepreneur’s financial future.
Although your intention may not be to sell anytime soon, unexpected offers to purchase your business could change your mind. It also helps plan strategically and is vital for retirement or potential ill-health. It allows you to move quickly in case unexpected circumstances happens. However, exit plans are not static documents; they are fluid and should be reviewed as the company evolves to ensure they remain achievable and provide security. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you plan for your business exit.

Management Trend Analysis Report

Management trend analysis reports involve estimating or predicting a business’ future performance. It is the process by which a company thinks about and prepares for the future. Trend analysis is necessary for sound business planning as it provides relevant and reliable information about past and present events and the likely future events. It is a critical step in the business financial health checkup process. Those who create budgets without economic trend analysis are at risk of overspending and not having enough cash for unexpected costs or shortfalls in revenue.  

Your business’ trend analysis then translates into a financial forecast. It is your business plan in numbers. It gives access to cohesive reports, allowing finance departments to establish business goals that are both realistic and feasible. Ultimately, it helps you decide how to spend your budget. You can lower your financial risks through trend analysis since it gives a birds’ eye view’ of potential risks and helps you devise necessary avoidance strategies. Contact us to find out more about how trend analysis can help you guide business decisions that impact your bottom line.